October 26, 2022

THE POOP SCOOP: Upcoming Kibbles!

😺DON’T WORRY DARLING Now on digital, arrives on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD on November 29 from Warner Bros.
In “Don’t Worry Darling,” Alice (Florence Pugh) and Jack (Harry Styles) are lucky to be living in the idealized community of Victory, the experimental company town housing the men who work for the top-secret Victory Project and their families. The 1950’s societal optimism espoused by their CEO, Frank (Chris Pine)—equal parts corporate visionary and motivational life coach—anchors every aspect of daily life in the tight-knit desert utopia. While the husbands spend every day inside the Victory Project Headquarters, working on the “development of progressive materials,” their wives—including Frank’s elegant partner, Shelley (Gemma Chan)—get to spend their time enjoying the beauty, luxury and debauchery of their community. Life is perfect, with every resident’s needs met by the company. All they ask in return is discretion and unquestioning commitment to the Victory cause. But when cracks in their idyllic life begin to appear, exposing flashes of something much more sinister lurking beneath the attractive façade, Alice can’t help questioning exactly what they’re doing in Victory, and why. Just how much is Alice willing to lose to expose what’s really going on in this paradise?

😺THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING on 4K, Blu-ray & DVD November 22 from Warner Bros.
Dr. Alithea Binnie (Tilda Swinton) is an academic...a creature of reason. While in Istanbul, she happens to encounter a Djinn (Idris Elba) who offers her three wishes in exchange for his freedom. At first, she doubts that he is real and she knows all the cautionary tales of wishes gone wrong. But the Djinn pleads his case, and eventually she is beguiled and makes a wish that surprises them both! Directed by George Miller from a screenplay by Miller and Augusta Gore, the film is based on the short story “The Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye “by A.S. Byatt. The film stars Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton and is produced by Miller and Doug Mitchell. Three Thousand Years of Longing will be available on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD on 11/15. The 4K UHD Blu-ray disc features the film in 4K with HDR. The Blu-ray disc features the film in hi-definition and the DVD features the film in standard definition.

🙀SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT COLLECTION arrives December 13 on Blu-ray and Digital from Lionsgate.
Killer Santa Claus comes to town for the first time on Blu-ray as the Silent Night, Deadly Night Collection arrives December 13 on Blu-ray™ and Digital from Lionsgate. Featuring all-new special features and starring Academy Award nominee Mickey Rooney. Prepare for a trilogy of pure terror with this collection of films from the Silent Night, Deadly Night series. In Better Watch Out!, it’s a very bloody Christmas after Ricky Caldwell, the notorious “Killer Santa Claus,” awakens from a six-year coma with one thing on his mind: murder. In Initiation, a reporter’s investigation into a mysterious death leads her into the clutches of a cult that’s chosen her as its new queen, and The Toy Maker stars entertainment legend Mickey Rooney as a toy maker whose creations display some very human – and deadly – tendencies.


😺EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY arrives November 8 on Blu-ray and Digital from Lionsgate.
Party like it’s 1989 with a hilarious extraterrestrial trio when the cult classic Earth Girls Are Easy arrives for the first time on Blu-ray™ in the US on November 8 from Lionsgate. Directed by Julien Temple, this next release in the acclaimed Vestron Video Collector’s Series features a critically acclaimed cast including Academy Award® winner Geena Davis (Thelma & Louise, A League of Their Own, The Fly), Academy Award nominee Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park, The Fly, Independence Day), and Primetime Emmy Award nominee Jim Carrey (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Mask, The Truman Show). If you’re searching for an irresistibly fun cult classic with an out-of-this-world cast, you’ve found it! Now available for the first time on Blu-ray, Earth Girls Are Easy follows the misadventures of three furry aliens whose spaceship crash-lands into a pool owned by Valerie, a valley-girl manicurist. Befriended by Valerie and given human makeovers, the extraterrestrial trio embarks on a wild weekend filled with partying, police pursuits, and, yes, interplanetary love.  


😺MEDIEVAL on Digital Now and DVD & Blu-ray December 6th from Paramount.
Ben Foster (Hell or High Water) and Academy Award® Winner Michael Caine (The Cider House Rules) star in the action-packed historical epic inspired by the true story of daring mercenary leader Jan Žižka, one of greatest warriors in history. After the death of its emperor, the Holy Roman Empire plummets into chaos while corrupt kings battle for control of the empty throne. To battle the tyranny and greed of those clawing for power, Jan must lead a rebel army in this sweeping saga of war and betrayal.

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