October 3, 2022


A Treasure Hunt by D.M. ANDERSONđź’€

In addition to watching and writing about films, I’m something of a memorabilia collector. Cursed with a teacher’s salary, I ain’t out there bidding on Dorothy’s ruby slippers or anything, but certainly enjoy haunting local shops for a variety of movie-related stuff. Or when feeling particularly bold, I’ll occasionally overpay for some retro relic on eBay.

More often than not, I leave stores empty-handed. But every now and then, I’ll find a small treasure that doesn’t completely empty my wallet and give it a new home in the Dave Cave.

There’s a little antique store in my area called Foxtrot Vintage. Being only a five minute drive, it’s the one I visit the most often, usually on Starbucks date night with the wife. One of the vendors appears to specialize in really old toys, and during my last trip, I found this baby…

In 1965, Milton Bradley produced a James Bond board game based on the film, Thunderball. I actually learned of this last year when I saw it at another out-of-town vintage store, but the box was pretty beat up, so I passed, especially since they were asking thirty bucks for it. Of course, I repeatedly kicked myself the whole drive home, realizing it would look pretty cool if I created a framed collage of the board & game pieces. 

But lo and behold, here it was for only twelve bucks, similarly weathered, and I suspect it might even be the exact same one from that other out-of-town store. I think it also might be missing a piece or two. But, hey…it ain’t like I was gonna cart it out for family game night. 

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