Fluffy the Fearless - Fluffy loves a variety of genres and she's our go-to kitty for digging into movies just left of the mainstream. In her spare time, she enjoys long walks on the roof and sitting on the highest pieces of furniture in the house. Favorite movie: Kedi.

Mr. Paws - The Roger Ebert of the feline world. Mr. Paws is our oldest, most respected critic. He's also kind-of a coach potato, so he naturally loves movie marathons and binge-watching, meaning we turn to him for reviewing boxed sets. Classic movies make him purr the loudest, especially forgotten gems that deserve more attention. Favorite movie: Harry and Tonto.

Tiger the Terrible - A cat of action who fiercely defends his territory. Tiger loves fights, chases and stuff that goes boom. A terror in the backyard, he's feared throughout the neighborhood by bird & rodent alike. Favorite movie: Black Panther.

Stinky the Destroyer - When she isn't bringing home dead things, she loves disaster movies, sci-fi epics and the occasional feel-good film. Favorite movie: Anything where the dogs dies (aka feel-good films).

Josey, the Sudden Cat - The black cat of the family, Josey loves horror movies, especially those where animals kill people. She enjoys doing a bit of scaring herself, like knocking stuff over in the middle of the night. Favorite movie: Alien, because the cat is smart enough to stay hidden while his crewmates are being slaughtered.

Carl, the Couch Potato - Carl binge-watches TV. Too damn much TV. Favorite show: "Me like TV."

D.M. Anderson - Also known as "Food-hands McMan," Dave keeps the staff fed, the litter boxes clean and the catnip stocked. When he isn't tending to their needs, he writes essays on film...good & bad, classic & not-so-classic, blockbusters & obscurities. He is the author of two novels, Shaken and Killer Cows, and a book of essays, Cinema 69: From Victory to Wonderland. He has also written film-related articles for, The Movie Burners, and Taste of Cinema, and contributed to the recent reference books, When Animals Attack and Strange Blood. Favorite movie: Jaws

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