March 28, 2020

MEEE-OW!: Classic Hollywood’s 10 Most Gorgeous Gals

Lovingly compiled by Mr. Paws 
(while howling like a Tex Avery wolf)

They don’t make ‘em like they used to...a cliché, of course, but sometimes true. With all due respect to today’s leading ladies, there’s something about Classic Hollywood’s screen sirens that are beyond compare. And since we here at Free Kittens are as shallow and superficial as the next guy, we’ve assembled our choices for the era’s most beautiful, best-built and supremely sexy stars. Other than their obvious aesthetic attributes, the only criteria is that their film careers began or peaked before 1960.

From femme fatales to pin-up princesses to scream queens, here are the luscious ladies from long ago who still make us purr.

10. Barbara Stanwyck – The quintessential femme fatale.
9. Dorothy Dandridge – Underappreciated and gone too soon. 
8. Anne Baxter – Moses was either blind or an idiot…
7. Yvonne De Carlo – ...then again, maybe not.
6. Lana Turner – The face that launched a thousand marriages.

5. Anne Francis – The real reason to visit Altair IV. Our favorite Anne until Ms. Margret came along.

4. Mara Corday – The most beautiful of the B-movie babes.

3. Sophia Loren – Well, duh.

2. Rita Hayworth – Admit is now your favorite color.

1. Ava Gardner – In her prime, she was untouchable (though we’d have loved the opportunity).


Steve Mohns said...

No Hedy Lamarr!!?

Jan said...

No Gene Tierney?

Kev said...

Problem is you cut off at 10. Leaving out some very worthy & gorgeous women.

Kevin whiteman said...

Yvonne definitely she was beautiful, that’s not the best picture.

Patrick said...

What about Elizabeth Taylor

Angie said...

Rita should be #1

Unknown said...


mtom said...

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