May 28, 2018

THE ROAD MOVIE: All the Rage in Russia
Directed by Dmitrii Kalashnikov. (2016/67 min).


Review by Fluffy the Fearless😸

Dash cams (dashboard cameras) are apparently very popular in Russia. In the interview included on this disc, director Dmitrii Kalashnikov says they're good for insurance purposes, as well as settling disputes with other drivers. After all, the camera never lies.

Based on the footage Kalashnikov has compiled, the camera never sleeps, either. The Road Movie is a collection of incidents - from the humorous to the bizarre to the tragic - captured by automobile dash cams. What separates this film from the sensationalism of caught-on-camera TV shows is that no narration is set-up, no manufactured drama, no technical enhancement. All we see is what the cameras capture, all we hear are the drivers' reactions (which includes enough f-bombs to rival a Martin Scorsese film).

The Adequate Seven
Kalashnikov must have sifted through an unholy amount of footage to assemble this film, which includes the now-infamous shots of a meteor strike in 2013. Not every segment is that spectacular, though we do witness some jaw-dropping car accidents (a few of which appear to be fatal), two terrified motorists trying to drive through a raging forest fire and - most jarringly - just how little reaction time a driver has when an animal picks the worst moment to cross the road.

Moving day with Russell Crowe.
No film like this would be complete without presenting a variety of idiots, whack-jobs and examples of extreme road rage. We see quite a few folks display decidedly antisocial tendencies during driving discrepancies. Elsewhere, some scenes go on a bit too long where nothing interesting happens, but just as often, the wait results in a shocking or hilarious pay-off. And if nothing else, we learn where Russians go to wash their tanks.

Obviously, The Road Movie isn't high art. But while morbidly fascinating, it doesn't wallow in sensationalism to placate the yahoo crowd, either. And with a running time of just over an hour, the film doesn't wear out its welcome.

"DASH CAM DOCUMENTARY" - Interview with director Dmitrii Kalashnikov.
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