November 6, 2013

Fox Horror's MOMENTS TO DIE FOR on Tumblr

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We here at FREE KITTENS MOVIE GUIDE love horror movies...watching 'em, writing about 'em and reading about 'em. If you do to, then check out's MOMENTS TO DIE FOR Tumblr site, a curated destination of Fox and fan-generated content. This is both a platform and a Fox first: the 1st social aggregator on Tumblr, and the 1st movie genre-based Tumblr.

Fans can contribute to the Fox Horror aggregator by including #Horror in their posts to Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram. Only the most frightening content will be featured and profanity, advertising material and URLs are not accepted. 

Once posts are featured in our collection of horrific content it will always be available via the infinite scroll feature. This custom Tumblr site also includes all the native features of the platform allowing fans to reblog our original animated content, including a FB commenting module, representing more than 40 of FOX's blockbuster Horror films that will forever haunt us all. 

In addition to the cross platform aggregator fan content is also rebloged and highlighted daily within our Tumblr content as we continue to foster one of the most highly revered destinations for all things that go bump in the night.

You can also visit Fox Horror in your Tumblr app or on

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