February 5, 2018

Blu-Ray Review: RESET

Starring Yang Mi, Wallace Huo, King Shih-Chieh, Liu Chang, Hummer Zhang, Wang Lidan. Directed by Chang. (2017/106 min).

Reset is a fun, conceptually-engaging sci-fi thriller that seldom slows down long enough for the viewer to question some of its implausibilities.

Xia Tian (Yang Mi) is one of the lead researchers at Nexus, which has developed a machine that allows one to enter a parallel universe two hours into the past. A rival corporation hires ruthless mercenary Tsui Hu (Wallace Huo) to obtain the program for its own nefarious purposes. To do this, he and his thugs kidnap Xia's son, Dou Dou (Hummer Zhang), threatening to kill him in one hour unless she steals the program from her lab. She succeeds, but they kill Dou Dou, anyway.

"Who the hell puts a day care center on the top floor?"
After escaping, Xia goes returns to Nexus (with remarkable ease, considering she's now suspected of murder, sabotage & theft) and uses the machine to go back in time to save her son. Not only does she have a slight advantage because she knows what'll happen before it actually does, there are now two of her...then eventually three. Unfortunately, not all the bugs have been worked out of the machine, which has adverse physical effects on those who use it. Additionally, there's an unexpected traitor in the Nexus corporation trying to thwart her efforts to restore the program and protect Dou Dou.

Wallace Hou forgets where he parked.
Reset tells an exciting, violent and action-filled story with a lot of panache, intriguingly playing around with the logistics of time travel. Mi makes an impressive, sympathetic hero, though it isn't explained how her character transforms from a meek researcher to an increasingly fearless & skillful ass-kicker - able to outwit trained killers - with each trip through the machine. Additionally, having the bad guys blow up the entire Nexus building during Xia's efforts to steal the program doesn't make a lot of narrative sense. Doesn't that simply make it a lot more difficult for Xia to get them what they want? Furthermore, if this is a parallel universe, isn't Dou Dou still dead in the first one?

I suppose those are minor quips, since massive destruction is always fun and movies like this aren't supposed to be scrutinized that heavily, anyway. Reset is a fast-moving, entertaining ride with plenty of action, decent special effects and an interesting premise.


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