August 3, 2015

10 Great Heavy Metal Movies That Are Worth Your Time

Like anything else which reaches the status of cultural relevance, heavy metal found its way onto the big screen through concert films, documentaries, comedies and – with obvious inevitability – horror movies. Once the genre gained a foothold in our public awareness (whether we wanted it to or not), metal became the subject of numerous films, both fictional and non-fictional.
Unlike movies which gratuitously include a popular heavy metal tune for the sake of releasing soundtrack albums, the following list consists of theatrical films where metal is either the subject, part of the plot or, in one case, the score itself plays a major part in its entertainment value. Some preach to the converted, while others seem to share the same contempt of those who profess to hate this music.

A few might even change one’s negative assessment of the genre and those who love it. Whatever the case, these ten films are the best which feature heavy metal as a central component (ironically, Heavy Metal isn’t among them because, unless there’s a bong clutched in your fist, it’s truly terrible)...

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