August 20, 2012

Highly-Debatable Lists: Top 10 Bathroom Books About Movies

For some people (like me), reading about movies is almost as fun as the movies themselves. Movie guides, genre history, reference books...I've got a ton of them on my shelf. The best ones are those which are, not only knowledgeable and comprehensive, but worth revisiting regularly, usually when I feel a huge crap coming on. For such a purpose, some books are better than others.

The books chosen for this list are based on Free Kittens' Crapper Scale:

5 Turds: Something small and handy which you can pick up, open to a random page and enjoy during the 5-10 minutes you're doing your business. These are the books you're more-than-likely to leave on the back of the toilet for the next time you need to unload.4 Turds: The same criteria, except its physical size may make it a bit more awkward to hold while sitting with your pants down.3 Turds: A fun little reference book, but if you suffer from chronic irritable bowel syndrome and spend much of your time in the bathroom, you'll likely run out of stuff to read pretty quickly.2 Turds: A book that's best-read the first time from beginning to end, but is still a decent pick to grab from your shelf later on to cart into the bathroom.1 Turd: These books are physically huge and heavy, and might distract you from the task at-hand.

It should be noted that the Free Kittens' Crapper Scale is not an assessment on the actual quality of the text itself, nor does it take into account whether or not any of them are available to download to your Kindle (the ultimate potty toy), iPad (still too bulky to enjoy) or cell-phone (who the hell takes their cell-phone to the bathroom?). In other words, these are all great books every movie fan should read, but some lend themselves better to potty time then others.

Click here to read Free Kittens' Top 10 Bathroom Books About Movies

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