August 10, 2012

Highly Debatable Lists: Top 10 Zombie Movies NOT Directed by Romero

I love zombie movies, and with as many as I've seen over the years, I initially assumed coming up with a Top 10 not helmed by Romero would be easy. Not true at all. Although I love the genre and zombies are more popular now than ever, the number of truly terrible films is staggering. The fact that half of the films on this list are comedies, and a few others aren't even very good, is testament to, not only how good Romero is with the genre he created, but that most would-be successors to his throne don't know what the hell they're doing.

Click here for our highly-debatable list:
Top 10 Zombie Movies NOT Directed by George A. Romero


Anonymous said...

Jar-0Jar should be #1.
Yes, Ruth is almost malevolently stupid.
But Lorenzo redeemed himself at the end.

D.M. Anderson said...

Jar-Jar was too easy of a choice for #1, and while he is certainly obnoxious, he didn't threaten to destroy an entire movie like Ruby. And, c'mon, Lorenzo redeemed himself, but doesn't make him any less stupid.