November 6, 2023

Rest in Peace, Stinky (aka Stinky the Destroyer)

STINKY (2004-2023)

Back in 2004, someone was giving away a litter of kittens in a Safeway parking lot. Stinky was the last one remaining. Impulsively, my wife and daughter brought her home, where she became part of the family for nearly 20 years.

Later in life, Stinky got into the routine of sitting on my lap while I watched and reviewed movies. She even occasionally watched them, which became the inspiration for the “Movie Night with Dave & Stinky” posts that frequently appear on Free Kittens Movie Guide.

Stinky was loud and bossy, but she was a great cat and we all enjoyed her company very much. Rest in peace, old friend.

D.M. Anderson

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