October 13, 2023

THE HORROR WE MAKE: Who Are These Guys?

2023 / 63 min
Available at www.moviezyng.com
Review by Josey, the Sudden Cat🙀

There’s certainly no shortage of documentaries about the horror genre, but The Horror We Make might be the first where viewers watch and wonder who the hell most of these guys are. Any self-respecting fan obviously knows Phantasm’s Reggie Bannister, and a few may recognize Vincent M. Ward’s face - if not his name - from The Walking Dead and David Howard Thornton, the clown from the Terrifier franchise.

As for everyone else…well…

Numerous directors, actors and make-up effects artists offer their takes on the genre, but I’ll be damned if I’ve heard of any of them or a single film in their resumes. One director mentions how grateful he is for Tubi, and sure enough, a few quick searches revealed this is where a lot of their work can be found.

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But we won’t hold their relative anonymity against them, or that this documentary appears to exist for the purpose of self-promotion. Interviewees tackle numerous horror-related questions, offering their takes on the genre’s relevance while throwing in a lot of personal anecdotes. However, all of the lengthy clips are of their own films, whether related to the question or not. 

In that respect, The Horror We Make is accurately titled, though none of the clips compelled me to check out any of the horror they make. Still, one doesn’t necessarily need to be John Carpenter to have their say, and there’s no disputing the love and enthusiasm these people have for the genre, even if few of them offer anything all that insightful. 

Of course, results may vary. Some viewers will undoubtedly be intrigued enough to seek-out a few of these low-budget bloodfests for themselves. If that’s the case, I guess The Horror We Make accomplishes its mission. 

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