October 3, 2023

CREEPY CRAWLY is Not Buggy Enough

2022 / 92 min
Review by Josey, the Sudden Cat🙀

When changing our sheets not long ago, my wife came across a centipede, which scared the crap out of her. First of all, these things aren't something one typically finds scurrying about on a mattress. Second, and more relevantly, centipedes are freaky little critters propelled by hundreds of legs, which makes them seem just a little more alien than your typical home invader.

Since then, my wife has checked the bed every night for centipedes. I have no idea if these hellish little arthropods actually move in swarms or colonies, but the concept is certainly enough nightmare fuel for a decent horror movie. The Thai film, Creepy Crawly, tries to exploit their inherent ickyness, but is only partially successful.

The story has a small group of people quarantined in a hotel during the COVID pandemic. How or why they came to be stuck there is never sufficiently explained, but we can roll with it for the sake of the scenario. However, in the building with them is a bloodthirsty, multi-armed beast that moves from one victim to another by possessing them. 

This is why I never check under bed when spring cleaning.
In a way, the monster is a bit of a letdown. There are indeed thousands of centipedes - big ones - but as someone with a fondness for killer critter features, I was hoping they would be front-and-center at the mayhem. Instead, they mostly chase the protagonists around the hotel while the aforementioned monster does most of the actual slaughtering. Sorry, but CGI-rendered fantasy beasts just don’t get under your skin quite like legions of bugs do.

Still, Creepy Crawly is sort of fun. The characters are fairly one-note, but overall, the performances are decent and there are some good bloody kills here and there. And despite not being the main attraction, the centipedes in the film are kind of creepy…and crawly (even when the use of CGI is obvious). Probably not a movie the wife will wanna see anytime soon.

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