November 29, 2012

Lucy's Scary Movie Round-Up

Once again, it's time for my Friday night horror buddy, Lucy Anderson, to offer her insightful opinion of several films we've recently watched together during our traditional weekly Horrorfests. 

Halloween (1978)
Lucy says: "It's surprising!"

Halloween III: Season of the Witch 
Lucy says: "It's stupid." (no argument here)

Lucy says: "It's scary and awesome." (She enjoyed it more than Dad did)

Dead Alive 
Lucy says: "It's gross and funny and people get kicked in the balls."

Dawn of the Dead (1978) 
Lucy says: "It's too weird." (she liked the remake a lot better)

The Car
Lucy says: "It was funny and it makes you wonder why the Devil would drive a car."

Lucy says: "It was too weird and over dramatic."

The Ring
Lucy says: "It's so scary that I almost died of scaredness, but Insidious is still better."

Lucy says: "It's pretty cool." (Dad agrees)

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